Waterford launches Craft Brew collection

Waterford has launched its Craft Brew collection, a range of specially designed and crafted drinkware for – you’ve guessed it – craft beer. Featuring mouth blown crystal, the glasses are purposefully shaped to expertly enhance the unique characteristics, flavours, and aromas of the drink. The collection has been designed for IPAs, stouts and any beer in between.

The Craft Brew collection includes a Beer Flight set

The collection includes:

Craft Brew IPA Glass/Set of 2

The IPA Glass Set of 2 is designed to enhance the flavours and aromas of your favourite India Pale Ales. Its unique bell shape allows for optimal head retention, while the narrow base and flared opening concentrates the hop-forward bouquet.

Craft Brew Pilsner Glass/Set of 2

The elongated Pilsner Glass Set of 2 is designed to showcase the colour and carbonation of your favourite pilsners and other light beers. The tall, slender shape and tapered top of the glass helps to retain the beer’s head, while the base allows for a steady flow of bubbles, enhancing the overall drinking experience.

Craft Brew Stemmed Beer Glass/Set of 2

The Stemmed Glass Set of 2 is a great choice for heavy, malty beers. The stem of the glass allows you to hold the glass without warming the contents, while the tulip shape also helps to trap the beer’s carbonation, resulting in a smoother and more enjoyable drinking experience.

Craft Brew Beer Mug/Set of 2

The Beer Mug Set of 2 is crafted for a wide range of beer types. Its hand-made sturdy handle provides a comfortable grip, allowing you to enjoy your favourite beer in style while maintaining an ice cold pour for an extended period of time. With a updated capacity and shape for any type of beer, this mug is perfect for any occasion.

Craft Brew Snifter Glass/Set of 2

The Snifter Glass Set of 2 is the perfect vessel for enjoying your favourite rich, dark beers. Designed to trap and maintain the foam head, the wide tulip bowl enhances the flavour of a complex brew while the sturdy stem is easy to swirl, further opening up its aromatics.

Craft Brew Hybrid Glass/Set of 2

The innovative Hybrid Glass Set of 2 is a fusion of different styles, designed for the enjoyment of any beer or beer-wine hybrids. Combining the best features of different traditional beer glasses, the Hybrid glass offers a perfect balance of aroma, taste, and temperature.

Craft Brew Weizen Glass/Set of 2

Experience the pinnacle of beer drinking with our exquisite Weizen Beer Glass. The elongated shape and thin, tapered lip are carefully designed to enhancer the aroma and flavour of your favourite lager, while the sturdy base provides the perfect balance and stability for a comfortable grip.

Craft Brew Beer Flight

Introduce your taste buds to a new level of beer appreciation with our Beer Flight Set. This set includes four small glasses perfect for sampling a variety of beers simultaneously. The set also features an oak paddle tray, allowing you to easily transport and present your selection of beers to your friends and family.

Craft Brew Tasting Kit

The Beer Tasting Kit includes the IPA Glass, Pilsner Glass, Stemmed Beer Glass, and Snifter Glass for the ultimate enjoyment of a vast assortment of craft beers. The perfect way to start building your drinkware collection.

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