The future of coffee for hospitality and retail

Explore the coffee transformation brought to you by Mikafi – a revolution that promises to take your coffee game to new heights. Join us at Hall 18P – Stand B60 C59 for an unparalleled experience.

– Launch and Elevate Your Coffee Brand:

Dive into the world of coffee entrepreneurship. Mikafi empowers you to launch your unique coffee brand effortlessly, from bean to cup. It’s a game-changer for coffee selling businesses.

– Fully Automated Onsite Roasting:

Experience the future of coffee roasting with our cutting-edge IoT-connected roaster. Witness precision, consistency, and automation at its peak. Roast your coffee beans onsite with ease and perfection.

– Sell More Coffee with a Digital Experience:

Mikafi enhances your coffee sales by offering customers a digital experience like never before. Connect with coffee lovers through an innovative platform that elevates their coffee journey.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to transform your coffee business. Mikafi is reshaping the coffee industry, one roast at a time. Made in Switzerland for the world.

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