See LSA International at the London Design Fair 23′

Connection to our environment, both the natural world and the spaces we inhabit and share, is explored by LSA at this year’s London Design Fair. We warmly welcome the design community to our stand to consider how we connect to nature, to others and to our surroundings.

Here, LSA offers a space for the things that unite us, celebrating how we find community in the experiences and ideas which bring us together. As we close the door to our Paris showroom, we open another in London — continuing to nurture these conversations and connections in our home city.

The stand highlights the importance of biophilia, biodiversity and the benefits of biophilic design, recognising humankind’s inherent need to engage with nature and its positive impact on wellbeing. We reflect on responsibility, our roles as individuals living as part of a greater collective.

We promote togetherness, considering how moments of connection allow us to deepen relationships, developing empathy and compassion for one another. The installation references organic shapes and patterns inspired by nature, with materials such as wood creating a tactile and visual connection to the natural world. Locally sourced sawn tree trunks are used as plinths to elevate product, while a central table encourages conversation.

Vases, planters and terrariums, filled with a variety of flowers and plants, draw the textures and colours of nature into the space, creating a calming and restorative ambience. LSA’s approach to design is informed by the way people live. The rhythms of the world around
us provide an endless and evolving source of inspiration — from the seasonal changes of nature to the simple rituals of everyday life. We advocate for fewer things, made better. Our collections include versatile pieces from high-quality materials with a timeless sense of longevity.

Encouraging one to do more with less. In pursuit of simplicity and creating an environment in which people may feel at ease. Thoughtful, considered, sustainable design. At the core of LSA is people. We are all hosts, we are all guests, and we all have something to bring to the table.

LSA look forward to welcoming you to connect with us, with nature and each other.

London Design Fair Stand number: 3A18
Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, London E1 6QL
Thursday 21 – Sunday 24 September

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