NUDE launches Omnia collection in US market

NUDE has launched the Omnia collection exclusively in the US. The glassware brand presented Omnia at the recently held Atlanta market.

The pieces have been designed in collaboration with a number of collaborators, with a consistent brief to design glassware inspired by the sensory characteristics of water.

Omnia, derived from the Latin word for “everything,” is meticulously crafted by hand, reflecting a commitment to exceptional quality. Each creation evokes the fluid nature of water, embodying its drops, waves, and splashes, with crystalline glass as a medium of expression. 

Comprising a diverse selection of 27 pieces, the Omnia collection features the artistic interpretations of four modern designers. Their unique perspectives have resulted in series of imaginative and contemporary glassware, perfectly suited for enhancing the ambience of any home.


Aksu / Suardi Design: Milan-based design studio Aksu / Suardi specialises in industrial design, and has conceived two collections that explore the movements of water in various guises. Twist evokes the swirling cascade of water, while the Omnia Letters (main picture) signal the ethos of the wider collection.


Defne Koz: Turkish designer Defne is responsible for some of NUDE’s most recognised pieces, and continues to blend Turkish into her work. Indicative of Turkey’s deep-rooted history of craft and design, the Bey collection celebrates the regal and elegant shapes seen in historical Turkish ceramics. The drinking glasses are delicately fluted, and their stems unconventionally follow straight into the bowl rather than separately, nodding to the sensory flowing of water. ​


Mario Trimarchi: Sicily-born designer Mario has always favoured unstable shapes that flee from functional symmetry, embracing a love of the radical and the whimsical. His design, Drops, conjures the unpredictable beauty of water’s natural flow patterns. ​The sculptural wine glasses portray the vertical direction of rainfall and its naive, organic forms. These have been portrayed by the unrefined shapes of the bowl and stem, bringing a rustic feel to a tablescape.


Berk Ilhan: Berk Ilhan is a New York based designer whose mesmerising Eye bedside jug has been engraved with a pattern that mimics the regular eddies of a stream. In a deep green synonymous with many of NUDE’s existing pieces, nature abounds in a celebration of the one of the core element’s of the earth.

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