NUDE adds new colourway to Round Up collection

NUDE will introduce its new colour to the Round Up collection at the New York Tabletop Show (10th – 13th October). Dusty rose now joins highly decorative vintage inspired four-piece stemware range and will be showcased to visitors to NUDE’s showroom at 41 Madison.

The handmade lead-free glasses have been designed with a rounded bowl which encourages smooth pouring and encapsulates aromas. The wide ribbed, optic surface gives the glasses an enchanting quality, accentuating the colour of the drink they hold.

1. Round Up White Wine Glass, Dusty Rose,
2. Round Up Red Wine Glass, Dusty Rose,
3. Round Up Champagne Coupe, Dusty Rose,
4. Round Up Champagne Flute, Dusty Rose,

The collection features four glass sizes:

  • RED WINE: Inspired by classic silhouettes, the red wine glass lends itself to powerful, full-bodied reds. Its broad bowl and wide rim allow wine to breathe, enhancing fruity aromas and encouraging a smoother flavour.
  • WHITE WINE: More compact than its red wine cousin, the slight shape of this design optimises and preserves floral notes whilst maintaining the wine at a cool temperature. Its suited to a variety of white wines from light to full-bodied. 
  • CHAMPAGNE COUPE: Conveying an air of vintage elegance, the coupe is the perfect accompaniment for sophisticated champagne cocktails.The subtly tapered rim has been designed to retain effervescence for longer as well as reduce the risk of spillages. 
  • CHAMPAGNE FLUTE: This glass lends itself to all types of champagne and sparkling wines, featuring an elongated flute that funnels the wine to the back of the palate to accentuate flavours and create a longer finish.

Visit NUDE on Floor 7 at The New York Tabletop Show.

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