Moral values and respect for the environment

Inpact is a young company born in 2013 from the experience of Diego Rubino, manager of multinational packaging companies with 25 years of knowledge in the sector. We strongly believes in moral values and respect for the environment.

All our efforts are aimed at solving problems for our customers and our partners. We have a service that is always attentive to anticipating problems and ready to advise on the best path to take for the activities of our partners.

We believe in the value of our suppliers that we choose also for their ethical and managerial attitudes. We develop hundreds of new solutions for food contact packs, producing and personalizing even very small quantities. We believe in the sustainable development of the market and in the 3R REUSE, REDUCTION, RECYCLE policy.

In 2021, as requested by our customers, we decided to support our packaging market with the distribution of excellent food, both at positive and dry temperatures. Today we have three offices: Frattamaggiore (NA) for Southern Italy, Milan (MI) for Northern Italy and Europe, and New York (NY) for the development of the United States market (Inpact USA).

In 2023 alone, we invested around 2 million Euros for new production technologies and for the production of clean energy. But let’s talk about numbers: 198 development projects; since 2013, 5 operational patents, 5 certifications: 1 for quality (9001), 1 for food (MOCA) and 3 for the environment (14001, 50001 and ATICELCA in class A1).

We offer our customers the best solutions for storage, transport and graphic design, taking care to always seek the best value for money. Because we love what we do and we love food!

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