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The whole history of our company is based on the unique bonds between people and places.

In 1818 the Duchess Maria Beatrice d’Este authorized the Vanelli family to extract Carrara marble. Here begins the story of FiammettaV.

The art of marble has been handed down from generation to generation: from father to daughter.

Today, FiammettaV is glad to supply products’ sets from its collection, suitable for hotels, restaurants and companies that need to decorate their location or use top quality design and long-lasting objects.

Our Horeca sets are designed for the kitchen, the living area and the bathroom, and can be already found in three Italian luxury locations: Villa Feltrinelli in Brescia, The Place in Florence and Cala di Volpe in Sardinia.

Villa Feltrinelli, Brescia

The Grand Hotel Villa Feltrinelli stands out on Lake Garda, carrying forward an ideal of unchanging Arcadian beauty since 1892. To embellish its imposing rooms, which seem to have come straight out of a Jane Austen novel, Villa Feltrinelli has equipped all the bathrooms of the suites with soap dispensers by FiammettaV: carved from Paonazzo marble extracted directly from the property’s quarries, intrinsically ductile, and also a symbol of unchanging time.

The Place, Florence

Overlooking the Basilica of Santa Maria Novella, in one of the world’s most famous cities of art, you can find The Place. Here, FiammettaV has left her mark in personalised Statuario marble keyrings and delicate white Carrara marble egg cups, part of the kitchen collection. The charm of The Place blends perfectly with the unchanging lightness of the marble objects, between luxury, quality and art.

Cala di Volpe, Sardinia

Along the Costa Smeralda, this imposing luxury hotel is cleverly furnished with famous design pieces. The exterior was conceived by Jacques Couëlle, reproducing an old fishing village. The interiors bring the sculptor’s surrealism to life, with curved, undulating walls, grand staircases and stone walls that gently recall Sardinian rocks eroded by wind and weather.

Cala di Volpe features bright colours and designer lamps, part of the living area collection, made from the world’s finest marble, Portoro, carrying forward FiammettaV’s distinctive idea of luxury and Made in Italy.

The Horeca sets are designed to make you feel at home wherever you go, with a touch of style that only marble products can provide. From the kitchen to the bathroom, to the living area: each element is finely designed to match every type of furniture, from the contrast between classic and modern to crowning contemporary structures.

Write an email to to find out more or to request a custom set. Or, better, come to visit us at Il Salotto di Fiammetta in Carrara, Via Ilice 15.

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