Drink equipment Beer Post-mix Pre-mix Wine H2o

The Global Fountain was founded in 1999 by a business idea of the actual directors and owners, who have been able to build a solid and established industrial reality in the territory.

We are a company, with a solid experience of young and dynamic spirit and an average employee of 37 years.

We are a production company with a professional and high-performance working environment.

A work environment where skills are shared, skills can grow, staff are empowered to achieve the best results.

A careful listening to the needs of the customer allows to create a customized project, with special attention to materials, technology, innovation and specific requests.

From here we create a highly realistic 3-D project and a video presentation; then the projects are transmitted to the machine tools to produce the prototypes and finally the production can begin. Quality, design, precision, accuracy in work and attention to costs are the main characteristics of Global Fountain products.

Pursuing ambitious goals, in 2012, the company decided to implement internally also the design and production of systems on draught, in particular Cooling Units Post-Mix, Pre-Mix, Beer, Wine, H2O, embracing more performing technological and management solutions.

“This is the first, and only, dispensing unit of its type in Europe,” says Global Fountain’s Massimo Todeschini. “It was great to have the opportunity to work on the development of a bespoke unit which we know is operating perfectly and has been so well received. Despite the special nature of the unit, requiring the fitting of a lot of technology into such a small space, from the initial request to installation, took only eight weeks.”

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