Bolsius Professional partners with The Institute of Hospitality

Bolsius Professional has partnered with the Institute of Hospitality (IoH), the professional body for managers and aspiring managers working and studying in hospitality.

The collaboration marks Bolsius Professional’s dedication to the hospitality sector and aims to help industry professionals capture the value that candles can play in guest experiences. Together, Bolsius Professional and the Institute of Hospitality will provide expert advice for the hospitality, leisure and tourism industries, with a view to help organisations and professionals create welcoming hospitality spaces for guests.

Bolsius Professional has partnered with the Institute of Hospitality

Ambiance is a key ingredient in the delivery of exceptional service. Getting customers to “love” the cuisine and environment is integral to business success, especially when ambiance is key to more than 90 per cent of consumers when choosing where to go out*.

The partnership will provide valuable resources for business owners and front-of-house teams in the form of editorial content. Paul Christodoulou, national account manager of Bolsius Professional, will offer expert guidance on the importance of candles in ambiance design and how it can have a positive impact on customer loyalty and business revenue throughout the year.

Confirming the new Business Partnership, the Institute of Hospitality CEO Robert Richardson FIH MI said: “I am delighted to welcome Bolsius Professional into our hospitality family. They have already helped the Institute create incredible ‘atmospheres’ at some of our prestigious events and their ongoing support as a Business Partner will allow us to continue our work inspiring and developing hospitality professionals across the world.”   

*Bolsius Professional Independent Ambiance Report 2021/2022.

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