A classic for the modern kitchen

MPS Porcellane is a reference point for endless inspiration, able to unlock all the creativity of chefs and Ho.Re.Ca. professionals. Natural quality materials, in a blend of art and craftsmanship, give rise to porcelain items that are excellent for being daily allies of those who seek functionality and practicality in elegantly designed objects as the basis for telling a unique and distinctive culinary style.

Porcelain is a sensorial experience that will be the future tradition, despite coming from afar and having ancient origins. Indeed, it is no coincidence that porcelain tableware is a symbol of class and prestige in every era.

The classic bright white is renewed in an original and surprising line: Ghisa, the black porcelain with a matte finish from MPS. Imagine presentations with a futuristic flavour, in constructions on layers of skillful essentiality within a harmony of contrasting hues.

Not only aesthetics, but also resistance to scratches and everyday professional use: MPS Porcellane items can be used in the oven, microwave, and are dishwasher safe.

Restructured kitchen classics take new form on minimal lines that enhance creations by highlighting textures and colors. Simple line is perfect for stunning in the richness of straight forwardness.

New combinations of tastes and thickness settle on Finger, small containers for bites of deliciousness with a touch of chic, while the Hotel line is designed specifically to be versatile in a mix of sophistication and strength.

The pursuit of excellence unites us with the most discerning chefs, who can count on items that can satisfy every request to paint tomorrow’s cuisine, whether it tastes of tradition or the most extreme innovation.

This is thanks to our knowledge of the market, which sees us constantly collaborating with our clients, and the guarantee of quality that ICQ certification also offers. In the sign of tradition, porcelain is the future.

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