Porcel to present expanded Elements concept at Ambiente

Porcel will present its new collections at Ambiente – which opens on Friday.

The brand will introduce its second collection under the ELEMENTS concept – a luxurious and innovative approach to reactive glazes, inspired by nature and decorated exclusively by hand.

Corallyn is a celebration of the subtle beauty of the ocean. Inspired by corals and marine life, brings a touch of elegance and sophistication to your table, inviting to new sensory and gastronomic experiences. The blue and aqua-green tones evoke the calm and tranquillity of the ocean, adding a refreshing sensation to any gathering.

As the porcelain is decorated by hand, the effects of its colour and texture are the result of the high-temperature firing process. This process makes each piece seemingly similar, yet unique. Adding a finishing touch of a gold rim applied by hand as a well-known brand signature.

Corallyn is designed to combine perfectly with others collections such as, Apricot, Auratus OB, Golden Orbit or Empire Gold, helping to create bold and personality-filled dinner tables.

Lush will also be showcased in Frankfurt

Porcel will also showcase new pieces from the Lush Forest Collection, the first collection of the ELEMENTS concept.

See Porcel at Ambiente (Frankfurt) in Hall 12.1 Stand B67 – January 26 to 30.

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