NUDE’s new glassware to shine at Ambiente

Nude at Ambiente

Hall 12.0, E80

Istanbul-based global design brand, NUDE, will present its collections at Ambiente. The showcase in Frankfurt will feature brand new additions to NUDE’s stemware, home accessories and serveware offering…

Round Up in Dusty Rose

NUDE has introduced its newest colourway launch, Dusty Rose, which adorns the Round Up collection of wineware. Available in four glass sizes, the handmade lead-free glasses have been designed with a rounded bowl which encourages smooth pouring and encapsulates aromas. The wide ribbed, optic surface gives the glasses an enchanting quality, accentuating the colour of the drink they hold.

Nude at Ambiente
Juna LH – Round Up RH


Designed by Pentagon Design, these spherical vases are an homage to the planet Mars and its two moons. Mars, the fourth planet from the sun, has long captivated human imagination with its shades of orange and steel blue. Reimagined for the home, the Mars collection is crafted from mouth-blown glass and is available in three sizes.


The in-house designed Juno collection is characterised by curvaceous forms which undulate and intertwine, paired with an eye-catching orange hue. Handcrafted from crystalline glass, the range includes a carafe and glass, cake dome and two serving plates which were designed to bring people together to experience culinary delights. Each piece in the range makes a bold statement whether used separately or in unison.

Nude at Ambiente
Contour in Steel Blue

Contour in Steel Blue

NUDE welcomes its Steel Blue colourway to the iconic Contour collection designed by Pentagon Design. Featuring three vases, the collection is characterised by a sculptural silhouette and visual illusion which makes the form seem at once solid and ethereal.

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