Luzerne’s Oasis – where aesthetics meets functionality

Whiteware may be the most commonly used tableware to provide contrast in colourful food presentations, but it can also be one of the most difficult to assemble on the dining table because of its lack of colour. That’s why Luzerne’s artisans proposed a design for Oasis that cleverly blends aesthetics and functionality with a distinctive soft ivory colour.

This design philosophy extends from the drawing board to the collection’s outline – a simple silhouette that allows food to take centre stage. It also features a rim which is thicker and more robust than most tableware, making it sturdy against the occasional knock.

Oasis from Luzerne blends aesthetics with functionality

Apart from its glossy finish which makes Oasis easy to clean and manage, it also bears all the signature hallmarks Luzerne’s HoReCa customers expect such as high resistance to extreme temperatures, zero water absorption, resistance to scratches and chipping and absence of lead and cadmium.

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