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Luzerne Ambiente 2024

Embark on a curated showcase of fire-forged beauty, expanded possibilities, and timeless elegance at Ambiente 2024 with Luzerne.

Here’s what awaits you on Hall 11.0, E71

Inspired by the rustic charm of open-fire cooking, this handcrafted collection features unique wood-like textures on each piece. Beautiful and functional, it embodies Luzerne’s commitment to artisanal techniques and everyday dining experiences that spark joy.

Lek takes Flight
Luzerne is adding more playful pieces to the existing Lek collection, expanding the horizons of Chef with options for creating delightful foodscapes. But that’s not all! Get ready for Lek’s new exquisite series of refined whiteware. Think crisp plates, elegant bowls, and saucers adorned with delicate decals – all crafted from sleek ceramic. It’s a sophisticated new voice for Lek, ready to elevate your Everyday Best moments, from casual gatherings to grand celebrations.

Victorian charm arrives
Embrace a bygone era with Astoria, a delicate collection that features intricate Victorian-style details, adding a touch of romance. It’s a love letter to timeless elegance, perfect for everyday.
Luzerne is also expanding colour palettes across both existing and new collections. Witness deep, smoky greys anchoring the playful waltz of lagoon blue and green and rosy summer pinks. Find the perfect shade to express your every mood and occasion.

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