Let’s look at… LSA International’s SS24 collection

We highlight some key launches from LSA International’s SS24 collection. The design-centric brand brings us Arc Contrast , Folk, Sculpt and Victoria.

Arc Contrast

Arc Contrast*
A collection of tumblers which add colour and texture to the original clear forms of ARC drinkware. Tactile translucent and matte finishes meet in the centre of the glass to create contrasting surfaces which play on light. The soft gentle silhouettes sit comfortably in the hand and the tonal array of colours lend themselves to creating individual or multi-hued colour stories.

Vibrantly coloured stripes are borrowed from traditional Polish costumes and decoration in the FOLK Collection. Staggered bands of alternating colour mimic Łowicki fabrics, and the exaggerated silhouettes of layered, billowing skirts are seen in the wide, undulating vase shapes. Solid, coloured glass rods are fused with a gather of clear glass and then mouth blown into a bespoke mould. The skilled, handmade process produces distinctive folk-inspired patterns and organic forms, with no two vessels ever being the same.

Stacked geometry and angular modern shapes define the SCULPT Collection. The carved wooden totems of Constantin Brancusi are referenced in the sculptural outlines of each mouth-blown vase and vase/lantern. Forms appear to expand and contract rhythmically across the collection as close attention is paid to line, scale and equilibrium. The neck of each piece slants inwards or outwards, giving choice when arranging flowers, foliage and single blooms.

Victoria, a collection of vases created in tribute to the late florist Victoria Taberer-Bond

A collection of vases created in tribute to the late florist Victoria Taberer-Bond. A long standing partner and friend to LSA, Victoria crafted arrangements for editorial shoots, bouquets for the LSA showrooms and presented flowers for events, always lending her passion, astute eye and love for organic colour. Her inspiration came directly from the natural world, with her vivid style going against uniformity.
In her memory, the mouth-blown vases are based on the design of florists’ conical metal containers, with the flared or tapered shapes and wide flat collars giving choice and emphasis when arranging flowers and foliage.
For each Victoria vase we sell, we will make a donation to the cancer charity in her memory.

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