Design and sustainability in the world of furniture

Polypropylene seating has always been unequivocally the cheapest option available on the market. However, today, Areta has taken the market’s pulse and offers a wide range of technopolymer products that represent the pinnacle of design, modernity, and functionality in furniture, with a strong focus on sustainability and innovation.

The turning point in the concept of affordable furniture and the market’s demand for higher-performance, high-quality, and sought-after products was undoubtedly the introduction of ‘Gas Injection Moulding’ technology in the production process.

This technology, although complex and not easy to implement, allows us to develop significantly stronger technopolymer products that can technically support even the most demanding projects. As I like to emphasize on every occasion, we have gone from merely providing seating to accommodating the world.

We certainly do not neglect our garden line products, in which we continue to invest to keep them up-to-date and aligned with our customers’ needs. However, Areta’s top sellers are undoubtedly those in the Rattan line, designed for outdoor use, and the Design line, which is perfect for furnishing both indoor and outdoor spaces in the Ho.Re.Ca and indoor furniture markets.

Areta is a company that has had strong international ties since its early years. The first fifteen years of activity were characterized by export shares of 95%. Today, thanks to significant development in the domestic market, exports represent 50% of the turnover, distributed across all continents.

The common element underlying the strategies adopted by the company to compete in the global market is the emphasis on the ‘Made in Italy’ identity. This applies not only to the quality and development of new products, where Italian design plays a significant role, but also to our firm commitment to concentrate the production of all our products in Italy.

Areta’s future lies in continuing to invest in technology, human resources, and the environment.”

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