Crystalex to shine at Ambiente

Crystalex will introduce new shapes, new collections and bring an all round feeling of fresh to Frankfurt…

Hall 12.1, D61

Over the last number of years Crystalex has been focusing on acquiring new contacts, transforming thier booth, its organization and staff to fit their new concept. “Meeting our important customers is also of the utmost importance, as we consider Ambiente a space where we can meet customers from virtually the entire world,” they tell Tableware International.

At Ambiente, they will introduce new shapes reflective of the current happenings in the world of glass. Among new items is the Peony collection inspired by peony blossoms, the Serious Gentleman set of cognac and whiskey glassware, and the decorated Spectrum and Rainbow collections consisting of classic designs presented in a whole new format.

Crystex at Ambiente 2024

The Mucha by Crystalex collection will also be a great novelty, featuring the Reverie and Moon editions reflecting the unique work of the famous artist Alfons Mucha. And Crystalex will also extensively feature last year’s bestsellers: 4For1 and Alex.

“Because the last two quarters of 2023 have brought a worldwide decrease in sales, which will most likely continue into 2024, we are expecting a rather difficult year in the first two quarters but look forward to the overall situation’s improvement towards the end of the coming year,” Crystalex says.

“We consider the Ambiente fair as an important place for meeting people and companies working in the sphere of drinkware and decorative glass from all around the world, and a place where we receive feedback for our new items and the year’s trend set, as well as get the opportunity to show the long-term direction of our assorted products and test how they are perceived by our customers. And we also get a picture of how and in what direction our competition, both near and far, is developing, which provides us with important feedback for our own development into the future months and years.”

Crystex at Ambiente 2024

During the exhibition Crysalex will present a range of new shapes – Peony, Serious Gentleman, Alex, 4For1 – all of which have great potential in the world of gastronomy and mixology. But decorated glass designed by contracted creative artists will also be given a lot of space also. Visitors can look forward to the ethereal Heron collection or the vintage Glass Porcelain edition which evokes classical porcelain.
“In the HoReCa sector, we will introduce an exclusive line of our current and new glassware whose design corresponds to contemporary local and world trends in bartending. We have carefully consulted the selection with the foremost experts in the field, which is why you will find glassware in our portfolio which facilitates the easy serving of drinks but is also a joy to use. They are in this way ideal both for the bartenders as well as consumers,” Crystalex says.

“Pastel colours with matte texture and a simple and soothing aesthetic will be very popular in the coming year, and sweet pink in various hues will also be a favorite. And gold rims will most likely also be very popular, giving glassware a luxurious and prestigious aesthetic.
“We consider this event a personal investment, as we wish to strengthen our position on the market going forward – we have already been working hard at this over the past years, and hope that we will make gains in this sphere in 2024 and into the future, especially strengthening our brand in the HoReCa segment. In erms of the global market for 2024, we rather expect stabilization than any significant expansion.”

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