Ambiente: Polskie Fabryki Porcelany Ćmielów i Chodziez


Hall 12.0, C70

Visit Polskie Fabryki Porcelany at Ambiente to see the Fryderyka and Alaska collections.
Interestingly, in 2023, after the announcement of the closure of the Kristoff Porcelain Factory, they made the decision to save the Fryderyka and Alaska collections from oblivion by continuing production.

Fryderyka, a historic porcelain design created in the 1930s will gain new life under the wings of the Polish Porcelain Factories “Ćmielów” & “Chodzież” S.A while keeping its unique aesthetics and traditional value.

From historical documents, it is known that the ‘Fryderyka’ service was based on a design created by model maker Richard Tatschner in 1934 for Krister Porzellan Manufaktur.

The surface of the dishes is decorated with an expressive floral relief alluding in form to the 17th-century Italian Baroque style. Meanwhile, Alaska will return under the Ćmielów brand in 2024. In 2012, a dinner and coffee service was ordered by the office of US President Barack Obama. Top-quality porcelain in the Alaska cut, hand-decorated in high-carat gold and with the White House logo in cobalt blue, went straight to the White House chancellery in Washington!

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